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So often in business, the higher echelon of success is saved for those who can spend major dollars on fancy ad campaigns and copywriters. 

Market gurus who can sell ice to Eskimos and tech departments to spin ad campaigns to the four corners of the world. Well, most of us don't have the ability to make these things happen.        This is where we come in!

Hey there,

I'm Vicki (the tech) Robinson

Co-Founder of Gourmet Funnels

I'm the tech and design side of the dynamic duo that is Gourmet Funnels. 
I have been working my magic as a graphic designer for almost 30 years, most of that as an entrepreneur. 

I pride myself on working with my clients as we co-create the perfect visual representation for their business. It’s all about SYNERGY. 

In my personal life, I am a mother of 4, a lover of animals and a candycrush world champion (well, I should be!). I'm just a big kid at heart and love to smile and make work FUN. I'm so looking forward to working with you!

Hi Darlin'

I'm Amy (the talk) Van Vorst

Co-Founder of Gourmet Funnels

Hey everybody, I’m Amy, the talker!
About 22 years ago I went to culinary school and threw myself into the world of kitchens. One problem, I missed talking to people! So, I spent the next two decades doing just that.

Through owning my own catering company, creating and selling a line of homemade gourmet foods, and dedicating my career to the customer service industry, I have honed the craft of sales and marketing and mastered the art of customer relationships. I live to help my clients find their Gourmet moments. 

In my personal life, I have 4 great kids, a passion for gardening and adore a sunny corner and a luxurious cat nap.

I'm so glad your'e here!

We are gourmet funnels
• •
Our mission:
To help entrepreneurs like yourself achieve the sales goals your business deserves. By utilizing market-tested ad templates and top-shelf funnel designs for every aspect of your business and the support to make it all a reality! 

Grab a seat and let's make some magic.

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What's in a Name?

  Where did "Gourmet Funnels" come from?
      What does it mean? 
      What is with all the “table” stuff ?

      Here's the Story!
In March of 2020, the world changed forever. At the time, Amy was working in face to face sales and Vicki was working with private clients. Both of us were working with businesses who were themselves now uncertain of their futures. Just like that, we found ourselves sitting at the kitchen table and wondering “now what do we do?”. In that moment, we knew that there were other entrepreneurs, all over the world, just like us, sitting at their table too, trying to pivot. And an idea was born.

What if we created a virtual table? A place where we could create, collaborate, and support each other through this unprecedented shift in commerce?. What if we all could have a seat at the table no matter where we were? Or what resources one had at their disposal. 

Now, from individual tables everyday all over the world, we can still connect. Be it from the kitchen, your basement, the bed of your truck as you camp, or from your laptop at the park when your working while your kids play. Join us here. Here we have Table Talk. As business owners, sitting at the table where we work, where we create from, where we run our business. We now can also gather for conversations. Where we solve problems together. Where we learn and teach and share.

Here at Gourmet Funnels, we believe that everyone should have a seat at the table. So, pull up a chair and grab your seat at the table and lets get to talking!


Pre-Made Funnel designs 😃👍

~ Our Fabulous Funnel Templates are dressed ready to hit the ground running for you. Complete with marketing pieces too if you so choose!

Done For You Services ~ DFY

#1 ~  What's for dinner
#2 ~ Set the table
#3 ~ Epicurean Soliloquy
#4 ~ The Ultimate Sunday Buffet

Table Talk Subscription

Funnel Template #2
DFY #1

“What’s For Dinner?”

4-week Branding and Marketing Review
You Get: 
  A Call with Vicki & Amy
  A Prioritized Task List
•  4 Weeks of Support to get stuff done!
This package helps to identify top problem areas in your current branding and marketing through a comprehensive review of all audience facing materials leaving you with an actionable task list
and 4 weeks of support to implement it.

It will begin with a one hour initial call with Amy and Vicki, the Gourmet Funnel Gals, to establish the area you feel needs the most attention, or to better establish the marketing or branding goal you wish to achieve over the next month. We offer three types of reviews under this offer. 
1} A Branding Review with your current brand
2} An In depth Marketing Analysis
3} Sales Copy Close-up Review
Each of these comes with a comprehensive review of the system in question, an action plan for the changes we recommend and a month of support from our team to help you implement these changes.
This includes a weekly call with Vicki or Amy.

Let us help you put together the ultimate meal plan to make your plate more manageable.


DFY #2

“Set the Table”

Design and Logo package
You Get: 
  A Call with Vicki
  Branding Review
•  Fancy New Branding + !
This package is built to help the business that wants a refresh in their image to better align with their business goals, to evoke trust and to attract the attention of their ideal audience.

It will begin with a one hour initial call with Vicki, our team Design Guru, to determine your goals and the image you hope to project. After a comprehensive review of all audience facing materials, both in print and online, our team will return to you with feedback, findings, suggestions and logo possibilities. Upon delivery you will receive a complete branding guide, logo and all digital files (including color and black and white variations of the logo) which will be ready to implement in all of your branding needs.

A fresh face and a fantastic design to propel your business
into the next phase… the perfectly set table!


Funnel Template #2
DFY #3

“Epicurean Soliloquy”

Copy Review Package
You Get: 
  A Strategy Session with Amy
  Comprehensive Copy Review
•  Custom Copy Guide for key phrasing,
    voice and tone examples, and copy marketing tips.
For the business that feels their voice is not being heard we offer an overhaul of the language, key phrasing and identity of all audience-facing copy to get you heard by your ideal audience.

It will begin with a one hour initial call with Amy, our in-house copy smith, to better understand your current “voice” and the direction you wish to head. 

After a comprehensive review of all audience facing language, both in print or online, our team will return to you with feedback, findings, and a path forward. This will include a suggested “voice” depending on your customer base and key phrases to implement to brand the language of your business. Upon completion of the copy overhaul , you will receive a Copy Guide that is custom designed to keep the language that is audience facing on brand. It will include any key phrasing, language examples and copy marketing tips. 

Let your audience hear exactly what you mean for them to hear!


Funnel Template #2
DFY #4

“The Ultimate
Sunday Brunch Buffet!”

Custom Funnel Design & Copy Package
You Get: 
  A Strategy Session with Vicki & Amy
  Comprehensive Offer Review
•  Full Copy Review
•  Custom Copy and Voice Guide
•  Completed, fully original, 3-5 page Clickfunnels funnel.

All of this incredibleness comes with a training video showing you how to edit and update your funnel as needed as well as some extra training to keep you going.

For that perfect cherry on top feeling, we can add in a branding guide and logo… just ask us how.
Everyone has a skill set… This package is designed to let you, the business owner, leave the learning curve of mastering marketing, copywriting, funnel building and branding of your business to a team that excels in their skill sets, and allow you to focus on what you do best.

After an Initial interview with Amy and Vicki to determine your goals, our team will dive into your business and review all customer facing materials and language, both in print or online. We will also review current service offers or products and existing inventory to determine if an inventory goal or offer adjustment would be beneficial to best support your new funnel. 

After we have returned to you our “path forward masterplan” we will get to work building your custom funnel on the Clickfunnels platform. 

Upon completion of this package, you can expect to receive a comprehensive Copy Guide that is custom designed to keep the language of your business on brand AND a completed fully original funnel. 

For that perfect cherry on top feeling,  🍒 
we can add in a branding guide and logo… just ask us how. 

All of this incredibleness comes with a training video showing you how to edit and update your funnel as needed.
       Now THAT is the ultimate spread indeed!



frequently asked questions

Can you JUST DO IT for me?

You betcha! You're looking for our Done For You ~ DFY services. Pick a combination of design and copywriting services that will make the biggest impact for your business right now.

How do I start working with you?

First schedule a free 15 minute intro call with us. Tell us about your business currently, and where you want to head. Let's see if we can help you get there.

Do you have a support team in case I need help?

Heck yeah we do. We know some companies leave you floating in a support black hole… not us! If you get stuck or need some help with the templates, you can reach our team at

We're here to help you reach your next goal...

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